Headshots AI

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Experience the future of profile picture generation with Headshots AI!

Created to provide a seamless and intuitive method to generate AI-powered profile pictures. Say goodbye to the struggles of finding the perfect picture — with a few clicks, personalised and professional profile pictures are available in seconds. You will get 3 credit free trial for the first time after registration.

Development challenges:

  • Beginner journey of Next.js: As primarily a backend engineer, diving into the realm of React and Next.js can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming. With the promise of efficient rendering, server-side rendering, and simplified routing, Next.js stands as a beacon of hope for developers seeking to streamline their web development process - myself included 🫠.
  • Finding alternatives of high-cost credit tools: Astria can cost up to 100 credits for each image processing, thus I look up for alternative using other Leap-AI image generation technology, luckily I found other alternative that reduce cost credit up to 90%!
  • Can't work as is in the first development: Even after following the template for deployments by Astria, it won't work as it is, the template of workflow is not available in leap-ai, I need to tune the code webhook handler and missing environment variable, so it can handle new async integration with leap-ai.

Stacks technologies:

  • Leap-AI for AI model training & inference
  • React with Next.js - for app and landing page
  • Supabase - for DB & Auth
  • Resend - to email user when headshots are ready
  • Tailwind with Shadcn - CSS for styles
  • Vercel Astria - template for deployments
  • Stripe - for billing payment to add credits (donate money for me 💴)


  • Serverless Auth: Ditching the traditional server architecture, Headshots AI opts for serverless authentication with Supabase, offering flexibility, scalability and security.
  • Webhooks: With the implementation of Webhooks, applications communicate efficiently, ensuring users stay informed on the latest changes and updates.